What is Team Clean?

Team Clean takes a holistic approach to residential and commercial cleaning. Using only environmentally conscious, non toxic, biodegradable products and methods our “teamsters” (as we like to call them) will leave your home – and our planet – sparkling clean. We offer a spring-cleaning like approach to our clients, going above and beyond what you can do on your own. Under, over, between, behind, above: it’s all included! Team Clean is fully insured.

Team Clean also brings all our own products and tools! We use a wide variety of natural cleaning product lines such as Seventh Generation, Common Good, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, Barkeeper’s Friend, Ecover, and If You Care.  We even make a few special products ourselves!  We get creative with ordinary stuff too like vinegar, baking soda and lemons. Our goal is to get everyone’s home as clean as possible and be 100% natural and biodegradable in the process. Making your home chemical free and keeping it safe for grown-ups, babies and pets!

Who is Team Clean?

Although Team Clean is new to the scene, Candace Mills (T.C. co-founder) brings almost a decade of green cleaning experience to the team. As the founder of 2 Chicks and a Broom, Mills cultivated the largest green housekeeping company in Memphis. Currently Mills has partnered with artists J. Penry and Megan Pflug to found Team Clean NYC in 2010.  Our cleaners (or “Teamsters” as we like to call them) are artists, musicians and other creative people who need flexibility in their work schedule. Together Team Clean is bringing artful sustainability to the world of housekeeping.

Pricing Info

Team Clean works on an hourly basis and requests a minimum of two hours per visit.

Each client is interviewed and provided with an estimate before we start so that we can tailor our mindful, common sense cleaning style to meet your needs.

Please contact us for a free estimate:


Or email: teamcleannyc@gmail.com

Toxic Avengers: Team Clean Holistic House Cleaning Services

“Whether your apartment always looks like a tornado hit or you left your windows open last Thursday, you’ve got a no-fun mess on your hands. Get Team Clean, a new holistic cleaning service, to come over and attack your grime…Don’t think a green thumb can pass the white glove test? Think again: These suds are strong enough to strip away groddyness but leave no harmful residues for babies, pets, and curious adults to ingest.”
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The Jewish Mother’s Guide to Style: Team Clean

“Passionate and anal compulsive, Team Clean caters to ridding you of your sense of ‘ick’. Toxins of all kinds have no place in a clean environment according to co-owner Candace Mills, who recently explained Team Clean’s process to me in an impromptu visit she made to the Jewcy HQ.  After starting her business only a few weeks ago, Candace had just finished cleaning her first client’s home in New York after seven years of owning and operating Two Chicks and a Broom in Memphis, TN.”
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Team Clean To The Rescue

“Is your apartment in danger of appearing on an episode of Hoarders? Fear not, we’ve found the messbuster to keep your pad from turning into a veritable black hole. And if you’ve struggled long and hard like we have to employ a cleaning service that doesn’t have all those nasty, chemical-filled products that hurt the environment, we think you’ll like what we dug up.”
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June 23, 2015

Babies everywhere!

Ah!  There are pregnant ladies all over NYC at the moment.  It’s kind of adorable, really.  Bringing up those wee ones is a job, indeed.  So much responsibility!  So much to teach those sweet young minds.  Sounds fun!  Here’s a blog post for you procreators out there by Seventh Generation blogger, Holly Fisher. I love the idea of sharing baby stuff betwixt families.  Reuse, folks!  It’s the way to roll.  

Much love, Candace 

When I learned I was pregnant with my daughter, my shopping instinct kicked right in. Suddenly I was off to the baby store, already coveting nursery decorations, infant-sized shoes, and those adorable footed sleepers. My husband said we should buy only the basics, then wait until after the baby was born to figure out what we really needed. Practical advice, but I couldn’t help myself. I’d slip a cute pair of booties, a “Daddy’s Little Girl” shirt, or a pair of infant blue jeans into the shopping cart. Everything was just so darn cute. And if you think I was bad, I won’t even go into the fact this was the first grandchild for both sides of the family. Flash forward two years later. A quarter of my garage is filled with boxes of baby items. Bags of clothing my daughter wore once or twice before she outgrew them sit next to totes filled with barely used toys and a host of other items from bouncy seats to baby bottles. Looking back, it appears that yes, I overdid it. But like so many new parents, I was taken in by the outdated notion that I needed a lot of “stuff” to make my baby safe, comfortable, happy, clean, and healthy. In truth, the wipes warmer and two dozen baby bath towels top a long list of things that just weren’t necessary. Instead of protecting planet home for my baby, I was adding to its decline by using up resources. I quickly reformed. These days, I’ve learned the joys of shopping second-hand, at consignment stores and yard sales. I regularly give away the shoes and clothing my daughter outgrows. And I encourage all my friends who are pregnant to seek out every hand-me-down they can find. Here are some more tips for going green when it comes to baby essentials:

  • Recycle. When you’re expecting your first child, don’t feel you have to buy everything new. Shop around for used items that include cribs, strollers, and clothing, and seek out hand-me-downs. Children outgrew things so quickly that your second-hand finds are likely to look and feel brand new.
  • Freecyle your own stuff. Chances are you have a friend, co-worker, or family member who can use some of the items your child has outgrown. What a great opportunity to see your best friend’s daughter in that adorable dress with the matching hat your baby wore once.
  • Swap. I have several friends and acquaintances whose children are very close to my daughter’s age. I now realize we could have done a better job of sharing baby items. I could have passed along some things and saved my friends some money – not to mention helped the environment by reducing the environmental burden of production, shipping, and packaging new products.
  • Pay it forward. Continue the tradition beyond your newborn. Have a birthday party in which everyone chips in for one larger gift or in which guests have to bring a used item. This helps steer your children away from a consumerism mentality and toward learning to love what they have.

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